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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Progressive Folk artist Nessi Gomes' debut album "Diamonds and Demons" review

I was so impressed with this new release that I had to write up a second post. I think you will be too once you've heard this most amazing album.

Marty's review: Nessi Gomes' "Diamonds and Demons" is one of those albums that you know you're going to love right from the first opening bars.  The production surrounds the listener with a swirl of musical fragrances that light up the soul and soothe the inner heart. Nessi's voice has a uniqueness to it that lingers like a fresh floral scent and the mostly acoustic instrumentation floats in the air and arouses the senses. If you want some comparisons I would mention contemporaries like Lisa Gerrad, Alison Krauss, Bjork, Kate Bush, Enya and Marianne Faithfull (fine company to be in I would say). 

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 All songs Lyrics & Music: Nessi Gomes
Produced, Engineered, Arranged: Duncan Bridgeman
Post production and sound processing: Nigel Butler
Mixed: Joe Dworniak, Nigel Butler, Duncan Bridgeman
Mastered: Joe Dworniak

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Connecticut purveyors of Americana, Birds Over Arkansas, new release "So Much Sky"

Connecticut-based band Birds Over Arkansas have released a new song with a crisp, harmonious American roots foundation layered with progressive, subtly unorthodox structures and historically-based spiritual themes.  Formed in 2011, Birds Over Arkansas consists of Scott Haskitt (guitar, lead vocals), Laura Hartshorn (keyboards/vocals), John Mondick (guitar/mandolin/vocals), and Ryan Berg (drums/percussion).

According to lead singer Scott Haskitt, “So Much Sky” is about “being too often consumed by life's bigger picture, and, consequently, losing sight of its finer details.” While the chorus lyrics juxtapose the act of sky-gazing with that of internal self-reflection, the verses tell the story of the struggles of Reinhold Rudenberg, a scientist and inventor who was in part responsible for the development of the electron microscope.

Stream "So Much Sky" HERE 

Official Website

For more information on Birds Over Arkansas, visit their social media: FACEBOOK| TWITTER| YOUTUBE

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

British-Portuguese musician Nessi Gomes new album release "Diamonds and Demons"

Diamonds and Demons is the debut album by the British-Portuguese musician Nessi Gomes, a composer and lyricist of rare invention and beauty. Ensuing tales of darkness and light allow a deeper exploration of the human condition, psyche, collective fears and torments. Nessi has produced a record that is at once lustrous and shadowy, mysterious and magical, which she sings in a voice that is intimate and idiosyncratic.

The creation of the album took place over the last 18 months, while traveling through London on the Regents canal inside a portable studio on a little rusty blue boat called 'The Wild Goose’.

Nessi and her producer Duncan Bridgeman (Grammy nominee, '1 Giant Leap’) together dug an uncharted tunnel into the artist's turbulent heart and soul.

Navigating through layers of her inner geography and a yearning sense of separation they examined her very depths.  Deep childhood traumas, attempted suicides, indeed, every level of resistance she felt to every ray of light. Every moment of darkness to every dream. Inner diamonds and demons were deconstructed under a magnifying glass and her blood, sweat, and tears finally transmuted into music.

Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a family of immigrants from Portugal, Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with progressive British inspiration.

“Hauntingly atmospheric and lushly textured nods to Bjork & Kate Bush” Paul Lester – The Guardian

Marty's review: Nessi Gomes' "Diamonds and Demons" is one of those albums that you know you're going to love right from the first opening bars.  The production surrounds the listener with a swirl of musical fragrances that light up the soul and soothe the inner heart. Nessi's voice has a uniqueness to it that lingers like a fresh floral scent and the mostly acoustic instrumentation floats in the air and arouses the senses. If you want some comparisons I would mention contemporaries like Lisa Gerrad, Alison Krauss, Bjork, Kate Bush, Enya and Marianne Faithfull (fine company to be in I would say).

The first video of the album is now live here: (These Walls)

Pre-order on iTunes:

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stewart Lindsey (Comprised Of Dave Stewart & Thomas Lindsey) Release Debut Album "Spitballin"

Stewart Lindsey (comprised of music legend Dave Stewart and up and coming singer Thomas Lindsey) have recently released their debut album Spitballin.’ The duo teamed up after Lindsey sent Stewart his music via twitter, never dreaming his idol would actually respond. Stewart (who was co­writer, producer, and one half of the band Eurythmics with Annie Lennox and has worked with fellow legends including Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Daryl Hall, Gwen Stefani, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin and many more) was blown away by Lindsey’s powerful and unique voice. Stewart messaged Lindsey back, giving the young singer a chance to help launch his music career. Soon after, the two collaborated forming Stewart Lindsey and the result is debut album Spitballin.’

The album came together as a long distance project and it seemed to bring them closer as they built a catalog of songs. Their common ground proved as lush as Delta marshland. Backed by STEWART’s distorted voodoo guitar licks, LINDSEY opens “Leave This Town” in free tempo and then a swampy groove kicks in--just guitar and drums, raw and wild. The first single (and video,) “Another Lie” features a haunting voice and melody and “Two People” unfolds over a stomping beat that leads to a long vamp over where Lindsey improvises with hair-raising intensity and finesse. Churchy echoes permeate in “When Dogs Run,” with a mournful organ providing the backdrop to STEWART’s Pop Staples-style guitar tremolo. “Alcohol” boils down to organ and LINDSEY’s voice recounting a riveting elegy for someone who was “lost to alcohol.”

Regardless of the inspiration, these songs and the others that comprise SPITBALLIN’ are at the very least unlike anything you’ve heard in recent years. Some of it stems from the different histories of these two artists. But even more might be attributed to where their temperaments intersect and ignite each others imaginations.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blues Man Matty T Wall, acclaimed by Guitar World, releases new album 'Blue Skies'

Blistering fretwork, soulful vocals and sterling song craft; with Blue Skies, his latest release, Matty T Wall pays homage to the masters of the blues while carving his own distinctive signature into the walls of this rich musical legacy.

From Perth, Australia, Matty originally discovered his chosen genre while exploring the roots of rock. As a disciple of musical history, his artistry traces tributaries of his influences back to their sources – from Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix -- while delivering a fervent, modern take on a deeply traditional form. A ferocious band ignites a slate of songs that retain a rough and ready live quality with a potent rhythm section and swirling keyboards framing Matty’s signature guitar and confessional voice.

Incisive, engaging and adventurous, Matty T Wall is a young man with an old soul and new music. With his latest release, he blows away the clouds to reveal Blue Skies.

Matty T Wall is already well on his way to joining legends just like Dave Hole, Bon Scott (ACDC) and the John Butler Trio. “I am like an elastic band pulled really tight, ready to go,” he says. “That’s how I feel about my music.” In his youth following bands like Metallica and Sepultura he recognised how they honored the blues masters before them, aspiring to be at their level he got into the blues and since Matty has "never gotten out of it.".

Having studied many disciplines such as flamenco, swing jazz and funk Matty is recognised as a master of the guitar. He wrings raw emotions from as little as a single note by bending the strings of his beloved 1961 Les Paul Custom into tantalising sounds that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to attention. He is not just playing music of the past though, he is redefining the genre with his modern stance and influences..- By Derek Cromb, announcer on 89.7 FM’s Play The Blues., Rhythm Magazine Blues At Bridgetown 2013

Marty's review: Matty T Wall certainly knows his blues and has honed them to perfection on his debut album. Prepare yourself for an assault on the senses (in a good way) and be blown away by this multi-talented guitarist/songwriter that has taken the blues to another level.An amazing collection of original tracks plus his covers of blues classics like Voodoo Chile and Hellhound On My Trail.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

California based guitarist Leo Goh serves up a dose of funky jazz-soul with "Jig Is Up"

Leo Goh is a Singaporean guitarist/audio engineer based in California. He has been there about 3 years and graduated from Musicians Institute Hollywood. He's worked with the likes of Suvi Suresh, Noor Che'ree, Austin Gatus and Curtis Brooks and has played along the Sunset Strip, opened for Macy Gray, Holland and Oates, Blue Sun Festival etc. He currently performs with the band GrooveMartini with his partner, Nipun Nair. Groove Martini is a high-energy cover band playing corporate gigs and is currently planning a Vegas headline show. They've been reviewed by Music Connection as, quote, “Not your typical cover band” and “The band’s covers are arguably better than the original.” They also host a monthly jam session at Couture Hollywood, the next one being on September 23rd. Do check them out.

Jig Is Up took several months just writing and planning. Being self-produced, it was tougher having to think of the overall picture. Drummer Leonne Castellas and bassist Jason Lobell definitely helped with their input and the keyboardist was none other than Nipun Nair, who also plays just about anything and is Leo's partner in Groove Martini. It's unique in it’s blend of genres and definitely caters to both the commercial and niche markets as it is funky, fun and yet intricate.

Stream Jig Is Up HERE at Soundcloud  

..and on YouTube ...

Also see website for Groove Martini 

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

LA's Michael Colton Premiere's Blues Rock Jam "Fever Dream"

The past is all too present on “Fever Dream,” the swinging country rock reflection on good love gone bad offered by singer/ songwriter and guitarist Michael Colton. According to, Colton “has depth, warmth, and grit - and he can play the hell out of his guitar.” Produced by Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty) and Steve Trovato, Colton’s upcoming release, California Blue, will display Colton’s blend of storytelling, straightforward tunefulness, and incendiary guitar work. Colton’s recent live appearances include SXSW, The Sundance Film Festival, and Los Angeles’ House of Blues.

Colton started out as a cocky guitar upstart, diving deep into the explosive traditions of virtuosos Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. Exploring that music led him further down that road, all the way to blues legend Robert Johnson. Colton went on to record an EP of Johnson’s songs, the critically acclaimed The Robert Johnson Sessions.

After paying his dues in countless bars and coffee houses, Colton had a career-altering encounter with acclaimed producer Blake English (George Benson, Jennifer Lopez) at an informal studio jam. Impressed by Colton’s chops, English recruited Colton for session work and eventually produced The Robert Johnson Sessions.

Stream "Fever Dream" HERE on Soundcloud

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sweden's Lily Locksmith releases Rhythm and Blues rocker "Player"

Enviken Records are thrilled to announce the release of the first single by Lily Locksmith, "Player".

Lily hails from the village of Mockfjärd in the heart of Sweden. She first entered the stage in the mid 00’s, back then in the name of Lily Mae. She appeared as a guest with many fine acts like Mike Sanchez (also featured on his Babes & Buicks album), The Domestic Bumblebees and Danny & The Cappers amongst others. 

The song “Player” is well known to all Nick Curran fans and the track “No Use But O’Well” is from the pen of Chris Ruest.

Lily Locksmith and her band are ready to turn the world upside down with their Rhythm and Blues oriented music. She draws inspiration from icons such as Ruth Brown, Big Mama Thornton and Etta James as well as new artists like J.D McPherson and fellow countryman Daniel Norgren.

Marty's review: This one just ROCKS! Take my word for it and have a listen.

Find out more on her FACEBOOK page

Check out the video of “Player” here:

Available on iTunes here:


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kings of Lowertown new release "Quebec Roulette"..Gritty Blues from Pembroke, Ontario

Kings Of Lowertown have recently released a new single, "Quebec Roulette".

Kings Of Lowertown are from Pembroke, Ontario.  The new single was produced and engineered by Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star.  The recording is a gritty blues track written in the vein of Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits. The vibe of the song was inspired by the rough and tumble of Chapeau, Quebec - just across the mighty Ottawa River from Pembroke.  

The track totally smokes and is as original as one can get these days.


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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tina Bednoff and The Cocktailers Deliver Rockin' Rhythm and Blues

Tina Bednoff and The Cocktailers are a quaint quartet from the shady red light district of Helsinki, delivering rockin’ rhythm and blues that you can dance your toenails off to.

With all due respect, don't you just sometimes get tired of the endless radio playlists and the monotonic, compressed sound barrier of today’s music and artists? Have no fear, Tina and the guys are here! The sound is firmly based on 1940's & 1950's rhythm and blues, but the mission is not to replicate the hits of the past, not by a long shot.

Their new album, Jump Sister Jump, can be streamed at the link below.

AirPlay Direct Link:

The repertoire of the band consists mainly of rockin' rhythm and blues numbers fit for dancers, with a few slower blues, some rhumba rhythms, and, of course, a haunting ballad here and there. Original material is constantly ado, and the innovative selection of covers is dug out off the beaten path - not the worn-out standards everyone has heard a zillion times over. The outcome is a unique bundle of exciting cocktails, with both familiar and exotic ingredients.

As a Finnish female blues guitarist and bandleader, Tina is one of the very few. After bringing up her family, she returned to her true love: rhythm and blues. Her passionate vocal and guitar styles derive from the blues giants like T-Bone Walker, Big Mama Thornton, Memphis Minnie, and countless others, carefully studied by Tina. She has been playing guitar and singing her guts out for over 30 years now, so she knows her stuff.

The Cocktailers are an experienced bunch of players that have been on the rocky road of roots music for quite some time. Honey Aaltonen (drums) and Long John Rantapuro (upright bass) are old band mates from Tortilla Flat, a band that has been on the scene since 1980's, and Ville "Tri" (Doc) Tolvanen (piano) leads his own band called Rootsinkeksijät, among other engagements.

The album is released and available through El Toro Records and also on Spotify and ITunes.

Marty's review: this one just ROCKS!...take my word for it. Take time out and have a listen, you won't be disappointed!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lost Dog Found new release "Ain't No Better Place" video preview

Lost Dog Found are pretty excited that they will have a new EP coming your way soon, and thought they would give you all a taste with the first release, "Ain't No Better Place."  ...and it's out now :-)

Take a look/listen at

Their signature "modern throwback" feel is on display here, where they take some flavors of Sam Cooke, a touch of Jack Johnson, a little Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and maybe a smidgen of Nathaniel Rateliffe, to get a laid back love song. This tune was written by Stevie Mac (Lost Dog Found's band leader) on a warm, windy night while his gal had a string of nights that kept them apart.

If you have been around from the inception, you'll remember we had a female singer jump in for a few songs during our sets... well, we're bringing back that idea, and we are super stoked to have the fabulous Rachel Sierra singing with us throughout the summer (she'll be with us starting in July), and Stevie Mac will be joining in on fun as well.

Check out their upcoming shows!