Friday, September 22, 2017

Hot Rod Hearse release their debut album “One Time, Pappie !”, they call it Thrift Shop Rock!

Hot Rod Hearse are proud to announce the release of their debut album, titled “One Time, Pappie !”. 

They have been featured on this blog previously. See previous post HERE.

Hot Rod Hearse are from Wexford, Ireland. They have a unique sound, fusing together Swamp blues, Rockabilly, Folk and straightforward Rock into a sound they call Thrift Shop Rock. Their debut single, “There by the Road” received a lot of praise and with over 19,000 views on YouTube, it was also a finalist in the Dublin City Rounders Alt Country Songwriting Contest. 

Having played the Strawberry Roots Festival in Enniscorthy, the Free Fringe Festival in Leitrim and the Dublin Rock 'n Roll Festival, an Irish tour is in the pipeline as well as thereafter taking their music to the UK, Europe and further afield. 

Marty's review: Hot Rod Hearse showcase their roots-based sounds on their impressive debut album. Combining blues, rockabilly, folk and rock they present their fine song writing and musical talents on this 9 track collection. The emphasis is on raunch and twang with a good dose of energy. 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based blues guitarist Scott Ellison new release Good Morning Midnight

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based blues guitarist Scott Ellison has been on the rock and blues scene for over 30 years regularly performing at top blues festivals and venues across the US, Canada, and the UK. Having been brought up in the heartland of America, the rich musical traditions and influences of the South which still flow like a river along Route 66, live on through Ellison’s laid-back style, top-notch guitar playing and commanding presence on the stage. 

Scott Ellison has performed and/or shared the stage with numerous legendary rock and blues icons including Joe Cocker, B.B. King, Levon Helm, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Buddy Guy. His songs have been featured in motion pictures and TV productions including; Eye on L.A., Santa Barbara, Reindeer Games, and the ABC-TV Hit Series, Nashville. On his latest album, "Good Morning Midnight," Scott continues his long-time collaboration with fellow Tulsa icon, producer/songwriter/pianist, Walt Richmond who co-wrote several songs and co-produced the album. Richmond is known for his work with many outstanding recording artists including Eric Clapton, J.J. Cale, and Bonnie Raitt.

"Ellison is a prolific songwriter, and his work reflects influences from the British Blues Invasion, Motown, and Memphis rhythm and blues." BLUES IN BRITAIN

“Ellison shares with the listener a deep, soulful blues experience that showcases his multi-dimensional talents.” CHICAGO BLUES GUIDE

Official website:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Soulful Blues Rock from South Carolina's Tastes Like Chicken

With America’s dependency on alcohol and opioids at an alarming all-time high, few artists have dared to address the complicated issue. South Carolina’s Tastes Like Chicken have bravely attempted to fill that void with the release of their poignant and soulful new single “Bottle in My Hand

Check out the recent premiere of “Bottle In My Hand” on Popdose HERE

Recently voted Best Band in the Pee Dee by the readers of Florence’s The Morning News, “Bottle in My Hand” is proof that Tastes Like Chicken know firsthand the struggles associated with the destructive cycle of dependency.

The talented five piece band led by co-founders Lance and Brad Shirley create a spirited mid-tempo jam with a poignant theme and surprisingly melancholic undertones. The band have honed their talents and earned a sizable fan base by performing over 200 shows and festivals a year throughout the south and their home base of Florence, SC. They feature tight musicianship, pristine vocal harmonies and an eclectic sound that is heavily influenced by a myriad genres of music, including jazz, R&B, country, soul, and gospel.

According to songwriter Lance Shirley, “Bottle in My Hand” laments the dependent relationship people often form with alcohol: “The song is about drinking to make your problems go away. Although it may be a temporary fix, it usually ends up compounding the problem or bringing about new problems.”

Official website:

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

UK Americana Debut by Mick Wynne, Brighton's wandering blues man

The well-traveled UK troubadour, Mick Wynne, released his debut EP on 29th May 2017  and it is available on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes and other digital sound purveyors.  

Stream and download from Spotify HERE

The virtuoso former John Entwistle and Tim Rose guitarist Mick has selected 3 tracks from his debut LP release later this year ‘The Mysterious Abduction and Return of a Homesick Mick’ as a taste of things to come. A seasoned session guitarist Mick has Worked with the likes of Peter Green, Ron Magness, Pierre Tubbs, Patrica Morrison and the Producer Joe Gibb.

The recently ‘returned’ Mick has compiled these Blue tinged tracks into ‘The World of Mick EP’.

The lead single Fooled By You (ft. Alison David) is a belting soul/rock number with an overlaid lapsteel adding a country feel to the track. The song documents both self-deception and being fooled by the world around you. The other tracks on the EP Love of My Woman and You are the Message consist of a more solid blue theme. You Are The Message is an ode to Blues legend Peter Green whom Mick sees as a huge influence. The EP Consists of rustic textures; blending Soul and Blues with modern recording technique bravely exploring new boundaries while still holding true it’s root. This is roots Americana renovated for the 21st Century.

Mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studio, ‘The Mysterious Abduction & Return of a Homesick Mick’  is scheduled for worldwide release later in the year.

Official website:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bruce Mississippi Johnson debut album release "The Deal Baby"...old school blues and soul

‘’The Deal Baby’’ is the debut album from Bruce Mississippi Johnson. It consists of 12 original songs each providing a contemporary combination of ol’ school blues and soul delivered by Bruce’s unmistakable bass baritone voice. The album was recorded at Studio Davout and Studio De La Reine in Paris, France. It was auto produced by Bruce and Johan Dalgaard and mixed by Grammy Award winning mixer Veronica Ferraro at Super Sonic scale studios in France. 

Stream and download the album HERE

Born in Mississippi the heart of the musically fertile area that is America’s ‘deep south’, Bruce Johnson is a man who was born to sing. As a child in his grandfather’s church, and later, in the company of his father’s record collection he got the kind of musical education most folks can only dream about. Listening to soulful voices like Al Green, his cousin Jackie Wilson, Lou Rawls and Gil Scott Heron, Bruce discovered he could sing. 

Bruce has a voice of his own, one that straddles soul, blues and jazz, as at home singing the songs of Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron or BB King as he is with  his own heartfelt songs. On stages and in studios across Europe, Bruce Mississippi Johnson is a force to be reckoned with.

See also previous post on this blog HERE

Find out more on the official website:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Scottie Miller Band new album release Stay Above Water..rockin' blues with heart and soul

American Blues Pianist - Singer/Songwriter - Inducted in the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame - Touring keyboardist for three-time Grammy nominated singer Ruthie Foster.

On his latest effort, Scottie Miller continues to mix celebratory, up-tempo numbers like “It Better Groove” with introspective and inspiring lyrics. Solid writing, execution and production across the disc. Not a weak track.

Miller's lyrics are smart, the grooves are fat and his delivery is always full of heart and soul. He's a multi-instrumentalist with a deft touch on piano, organ, keys and mandolin. Taking influences from New Orleans R'n'B to the blues and touches of gospel, Miller spins fresh and lively tunes that are intelligent and, usually, irresistibly dance-able. Ruthie Foster makes a guest appearance harmonizing with Miller on “Keep This Good Thing Going.” Scottie and Ruthie recently co-wrote a song “I Was Called” which is featured on the upcoming 2017 release by the six-time Grammy award winning gospel group The Blind Boys of Alabama. Produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos). Surrounding himself with a fine group of players, Scottie Miller serves up another excellent offering of meaty and engaging, rockin' blues on "Stay Above Water."

“Southern soul infected...waves of sunshine...crushing rock riffs...heavy groove.” - Roger & Margaret White. Big City Blues Magazine 

“An outstanding singer and songwriter...intense and incendiary all-original blues rock.” - Marty Gunther. Blues Blast Magazine 

“Sounds like Dr. John meets The Band at Bruce Springsteen’s house.” - Tom Hyslop - Blues Revue Magazine

Monday, September 4, 2017

Daniel Antopolsky's Funny New Outlaw Country Video Release for "Fish Bait Blues"

Bordeaux, France—June 1, 2017 –Daniel Antopolsky, the recently re-discovered folk and blues musician, announced the launch of his first-ever music video. Antopolsky, the subject of The Sheriff of Mars, a major new documentary about his life and recent re-discovery, recently launched the video of “Fish Bait Blues” from his debut album, Sweet Lovin’ Music, produced by Grammy nominated producer, Gary Gold.

Antopolsky’s story has made waves in the music world as he was recently identified as the 4th
person in the famous photo of American music legends Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark and Suzanna Clark. Through the course of making The Sheriff of Mars, it was revealed that Antopolsky was one of Van Zandt’s close music collaborators and confidants during the crucial years of the musician’s career.

Antopolsky vanished from the American music scene in 1972. While the photo of him remained,
it was assumed that he’d given up on music. But the opposite was true. Antopolsky was discovered in 2013 living on his Bordeaux farm with his wife and two daughters having written hundreds of folk and blues songs that, music experts say, constitute an unadulterated continuation of one of America’s greatest rock ‘n roll music traditions. 

About Daniel Antopolsky
Daniel Antopolsky is a singer/songwriter who’s the missing man of Country Music’s Outlaw Era of the 1970's. He left the scene in his early 20's to travel, learn life, hone his craft, and compose songs as he saw the world, finally settling down on a farm outside of Bordeaux, France with his wife to have twin daughters, One of the most prolific songwriters of “Americana” Music he didn’t record any of his songs until 2013 when he was 64 years old.

Part country, blues, folk, rock – influenced by gospel and the synagogue – all blending into a uniquely optimistic Americana that comes from Daniel’s sense of humor, irony, love of nature, and a belief in the basic goodness of people despite having experienced the darkest sides of life, he’s a born storyteller, poet, and a master of playing with language. Not that he’ll acknowledge any of this.

Official website

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Johnny Ray Jones' debut album Feet Back in the Door...the deepest blues from the Godson of Soul

For Johnny Ray Jones, his debut album under his own name has been a long time in the making. The longtime Southern California blues artist -- who's been called "the Godson of Soul" -- began the sessions for what would become 'Feet Back in the Door'' way back in 1995, when his friends Tony Braunagel, Marty Grebb, Joe Sublett and Johnny Lee Schell put together a group and recorded four songs that, for various reasons, remained unreleased.

stream and download the album on iTunes HERE

"It's like a smorgasbord of Americana and blues," says Jones of the now-finished album, for which most recording took place in 2015 and 2016. Besides "Hole In Your Soul," a Sam "Bluzman" Taylor-penned song taken from the 1995 sessions, Feet Back in the Door features a varied set of newly waxed tunes that run the full gamut of blues styles. From the smoothly soulful R'n'B vibe of the title track (written by Jones' friend Arthur Adams) to the up tempo, Stones-style "Love-Itis" (recorded by Harvey Scales in the '60s and popularized by The J. Geils Band in the '70s) to the straight-ahead blues of Z.Z. Hill's "I'm a Blues Man" and the New Orleans sparkle of Leon Russell's "Hearts Have Turned to Stone," these are some of the deepest blues you're likely to hear, sung by a man who has truly lived them. Jones also contributed one original to the project: the gritty, lowdown "In the Heart of the City," which he says was inspired by "walking through downtown L.A. feeling invisible, being alone and missing my girl."

In his long career, Johnny Ray Jones has performed with a who's who of blues royalty. The aforementioned Sam Taylor was his voice coach; Percy Mayfield's wife, Tina, was his godmother; and he's performed with the likes of blues shouter Big Joe Turner and L.A.'s beloved blues-rockers The Red Devils in addition to opening shows for Leon Russell, John Mayall, and Steppenwolf. Now, with an album co-produced by Tony Braunagel and Johnny Lee Schell and with guest spots by Coco Montoya, among others, it's time for Jones to step into the spotlight. On 'Feet Back in the Door,' he does so with style.

official website:

Johnny Ray Jones - Topic YouTube channel

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Blues duo J.D Singfield release debut track 'I Don't Want You Back'..acoustic blues

J.D Singfield are made up of Joe Singfield (Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals) and Dan 'Riffin' Whiffin (Guitar/Vocals). They met at Joes London studio, Indelible, where they immediately struck up a friendship over their love of the Blues. They spent hours listening to records and learning songs by the greats such as Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf. 

They soon had a set of Blues material together and started playing the London circuit at venues such as 'Ain't Nothin' But The Blues' as well as gaining their own London residency. 'I Don't Want You Back' is their first single and is to be followed by their debut E.P.  

Stream the track on Soundcloud HERE

discover more here:

f -

Friday, August 25, 2017

Lightnin' Willie new album release.....No Black, No White, Just Blues..produced by Pete Anderson

Blues man Lightnin’ Willie has a distinctive approach to his music. The sound is an irresistible blend of tradition and spontaneous creativity, with a deliciously insidious emphasis on the groove. It is a compelling, hard swinging brand of blues that, whenever he performs, packs the floor—his audience can’t not dance. 

A guitarist of impressive facility, a vocalist of coolly stylish authority and a composer of persuasive original blues that both extend and enhance the idiom, Willie’s music has a rare individualistic quality. It is at once airy and full of open space yet also loaded with earthy, intense emotion, and as featured on his new Pete Anderson produced album, "No Black No White Just Blues," it showcases a master at the top of his game. 

Lightnin’ Willie has gone from low down beer joints to become staple on the international festival circuit, with plenty of wild stops along the way, from London’s Royal Albert Hall Ignite Series to Willie Nelson’s infamous 4th of July Picnic, where he appeared alongside Paula Nelson, Willie, Bob Dylan and Leon Russell. The always dapper Lightnin’ Willie, consistently genuine, never flashy, boundlessly entertaining, is reliably a high quality blues powerhouse who makes new fans with every performance. These attributes have won him stacks of enthusiastic praise from the international press and landed his original tunes on numerous film and television soundtracks.

(exclusive preview video)

official website

stream and download album on iTunes HERE

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Lightnin’ Willie has developed a particularly intriguing wrinkle on the genre, one that’s cool, airy, with a sinuous groove that infiltrates his audience’s consciousness, and invariably gets them up on their feet / Jonny Whiteside

Lightnin’ Willie’s music is “real,” which is one of the best compliments you can give a blues man / John Sollenberger

My approach to the Blues is simple - “I want to make people dance!” / Lightnin’ Willie

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dutch's Basement Blues Band new album release "In the Basement"...rocking boogie and blues

The first thing that hits you when you listen to this band is The Dutchman’s voice. Any description would have to include the word gravel. He also plays harmonica but the next thing that will jump out at you is the lead guitar work. Locals are still perplexed as to why a blues performer putting together a blues band would turn to an international punk-rocker famous for lighting guitars on fire to work with. Matt Roman still brings the heat with his own unique style. The result is a symbiotic team that is both energetic and entertaining. The rhythm section includes former Blues Brothers Revue bassist Adam Roberts and the intuitive drum work of blues man Pat Allen. They wrote all the material for their first CD release which includes an impressive eleven original songs.

stream and download the album on CDBaby HERE

Recommended if you like: Dr.John, Howlin' Wolf,Tom Waits

Official website:

facebook page:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Philadelphia blues/rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Greg Sover debut album "Songs of a Renegade"

Since Philadelphia’s blues/rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Greg Sover released his debut album, Songs of a Renegade, he has received radio support from award-winning AAA radio station WXPN, and has headlined shows at venerable listening rooms including World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Sellersville Theater, Puck in Doylestown, PA, Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA and outdoor festivals including Eagleview in Exton, PA. WXPN continues to play Greg’s “Moment” and the band’s interpretation of Bill Withers’ classic “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

The power of Songs of a Renegade and Sover’s early success is due in large part to his band of three Philly veterans with extensive resumes – bassist, musical director and album co-producer Garry Lee, guitarist Allen James and drummer Tom Walling. The three are best known as Deb Callahan’s solid backing band and their cohesiveness as a unit has enabled Sover to develop as an artist and connect his music to a wider audience.

In conjunction with expanded touring in the Northeast, Greg will be adding a brand new song to his repertoire – “My City” inspired by his home in Philadelphia, which pays tribute to the streets and neighborhoods that inform his music. Always writing, Greg and the band will return to the studio for more recording in 2017.

Some people were born to play the guitar. That seems to be the case with Greg Sover, who taught himself by watching videos of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix starting at age 5. Backed by some of the best in Philly – Allen James, Garry Lee and Tom Walling, this is a band on the rise. “Moment,” “Déjà Vu” and their cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” are highlights of the CD “Songs of a Renegade.” See them live in area clubs now! – Cyndy Drue, Radio Personality, WMGK, Philadelphia

Greg Sover was one of the biggest hits of my summer 2016. A clean, polished album and a nasty, guitar-heavy live show. His set at Eagleview took everyone by surprise... but knowing the A-Team involved in this project and Greg's musical abilities, it shouldn't have been. – Jesse Lundy, Talent Buyer, Point Entertainment

Greg Sover’s CD, Songs of a Renegade, lines up 9 excellent, original songs and the best cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” I have yet to hear. Greg is a must see live and is now on my list of new favorite artists! – Dawn Slade, General Manager, Sellersville Theater

Greg Sover Online


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Friday, August 18, 2017

Folk-Rock Quintet Town Meeting drop new track "New Hampshire" and EP "Geography:Part 1"

Folk-Rock quintet, Town Meeting, drop “New Hampshire,” from their recently released EP, Geography: Part 1. Having shared the stage with Bob Dylan, Third Eye Blind, Tancred, and Jill Andrews, Town Meeting continue to carve out their place alongside the greats in their genre.

Stream the track and EP on Soundcloud HERE

Influenced by a wide range of musical acts from Dawes to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, the group was formed in 2014 by brothers Luke (vocals/guitar) and Russ Condon (vocal/cajon). Dean Adrien(vocals/lead guitar), formerly of Orphan, joined in April of 2013. With years of music experience under his belt alongside the likes of Jonathan Edwards, Tom Rush and several others from the Boston Folk scene. Tim Cackett (guitar/bass/mandolin player) joined the band in October 2013. Tim had spent several years prior playing guitar in the various hardcore bands (Anchorlines, Hope Prevails) and his solo acoustic folk project, Poor Soul. Brendan “Babe” Condon (vocals/harmonica/percussion), the youngest brother, rounded out the group’s vocal harmonies in 2014. Soon after the lineup was solidified, the band played shows with Sturgill Simpson, Willie Nelson and Old Crow Medicine Show and dropped their debut, If I Die (2016). Over the past year, the five have been putting the finishing touches on the Geography series.

official website

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blues/Funk outfit Carrie and The Cats debut EP release "All Over Town"

Carrie and The Cats have recently released their 5 track debut EP "All Over Town" and this one is HOT! With a solid blues-funk sound mixed with a touch of soul and R'n'B this will certainly get you up and moving. Outstanding vocal performances by Carrie Wix, wild sax by Billy Hanley, searing guitar by Will Bart and a tight back beat by Pete Crocitto on drums and Joe Conserva on bass all add up to one surefire release that is guaranteed to please.

They are led by Will Bart, a 21 yo guitarist from Long Island, NY who has had the good fortune of having been able to play with Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Bros, as well as Luther and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars, and also Robert Randolph and John Medeski of The Word.

Stream the EP on Spotify HERE

Official website:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bassist Joseph Veloz new release "Offerings"...multi-talented artist

OFFERINGS is a collection of songs that fully displays the musical talents possessed by bassist JOSEPH VELOZ. The material presented in OFFERINGS shows Joseph as a highly skilled bassist committed to deep grooves and strong song sensitivity and also his evolving composition, arranging and producing skills in multiple stylings/genres. Along with the original material composed by Joseph and other contributors, there are also excellent examples of Joseph's arranging and producing skills including fresh takes of some classic covers. Joseph has also comprised an impressive lineup of musicians and vocalists, consisting of both national and internationally renowned artists.

Joseph has been a touring bassist for well over 20 years. His travels have taken him throughout the United States, Sweden, Russia and most of Europe. Joseph has had the privilege to perform with such legendary artists as Lucky Peterson, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Mississippi Heat, James Armstrong, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and many more.

Joseph's performing talents have not only been dedicated to touring,His discography has covered live Blues/Rock, Traditional Blues, Christian Blues/Rock, Americana and R'n'B.

"Joe is a musician's musician. He has an amazing ear and he can adapt to a variety of musical styles MASTERFULLY. Whether it be Chicago Blues, Swing, Reggae, Blues Rock, or Rhythm and Blues. When playing with Mississippi Heat, I marveled at his timing and fantastic bass contribution. His stage presence is also visually stunning." Pierre Lacocque Band Leader Mississippi Heat, Delmark Records

“Creative, fiery, and fierce, he'll deliver every time!” Greg Nagy Singer, Songwriter, Big O Records

“Joe Veloz has both the knowledge and versatility as a bass player to instinctually play the right part for the song, when either improvising live or tracking in the studio.” Pete Galanis Guitarist, Howard and The White Boys; Owner/Operator 3011 Recording Chicago, IL

Stream and download album on iTunes HERE and also on official website:

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Californian blues guitarist/vocalist Marwan Nassar's version of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor"

Marwan Nassar is a blues guitarist/vocalist based in Riverside, CA. He is also a guitar and ukulele instructor.

He has recently released a "killer" live version of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor".

Stream it now on SOUNDCLOUD Here

Also check out 3 more tracks, "Everyday I Have the Blues", "The Stumble" and "Key to the Highway" on his SOUNDCLOUD page and his FACEBOOK page Marwan and The Blueseason

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mick Kolassa and Mark Telesca new release "You Can't Do That"...Blues and The Beatles

What do you get when two blues musicians get together to celebrate their mutual love of some of the most classic songs of the 20th Century? A great new album! 

Mick Kolassa and Mark Telesca have teamed up to bring two mutual loves together: the Blues and The Beatles. This album is the kind of thing that happens when two musicians get together and decide to make some magic. They called the album “You Can’t Do That”, which refers to a great song that has the blues all over it as well as what many people told them when they said we were going to do the record: you can’t do that! 

Stream and download on iTunes HERE

..also available on Amazon and cdbaby

For many, including Mick and Mark, this music is nearly sacred, but as blues artists they find and feel the blues in everything they hear, and the blues flows through the music of the Beatles more so than it does through other forms of popular music, so uncovering it was not too difficult – but oh so pleasurable!

Jeff Jensen joined the team to produce the album and together with Mark and Mick put together some pretty fancy guitar work, and with a little help from their friends the guys got this project off the ground – way off the ground! Reworking these classic tunes into blues arrangements was a joy for the artists, who brought the Beatles into many different styles of blues – but always with acoustic arrangements, no amplifiers or pedals were used in the production of this album! Instead you’ll find resonator and multiple acoustic guitars, harmonica, trumpets, flugelhorns and even a fiddle and mandolin.

Never forget, all you need is blues!

official websites:
Mick Kolassa:
Mark Telesca:

Monday, July 31, 2017

Atlanta Folk/Rock trio Collins Drive release debut album..repeated listens guaranteed!

Inspired by artists such as The Band, Whiskeytown, The Allman Brothers Band, CSN, and Kevn Kinney to name a few, Atlanta folk/rock trio Collins Drive has earned themselves a steadily growing fan base because of their dynamic live performances and roots laden storytelling folk/rock.  After three years of performing live shows all over the Atlanta area, Collins Drive have recently released their much anticipated self-titled debut album on May 20th.

Recorded at Electron Garden Studios and produced by the band and Tim Delaney, the songs on Collins Drive's debut album tell stories and paint pictures of Southern living.  Life through the eyes of a washed up blues man that never got his time (Drunk on Sunday), a Chapel Hill woman waiting in the rain for her bus home (Cemetery Angel), and returning to the town where you grew up (Ghost Town) are just a few examples of this. There’s nothing complex and there are no deep, hidden meanings to these songs. They are just little slices of life put into songs that are easy to grasp on to and easy to connect with. Just give them a listen and maybe you’ll find yourself in some of these scenes and stories.

Collins Drive are:
Don de Leaumont – Guitars/Harmonica/Lead Vocals
Mike Satterlee – Drums

Allison Shockley – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Marty's review: Folk/Rock fans, you will just soak this one up! This trio from Atlanta has a sound firmly entrenched in folk roots and know how to tell a good story. 9 original tracks with a crisp, fresh and uncluttered production, vocals that bring out each lyric with ease and an overall sound that is simple, raw, a little black in parts but totally enjoyable from start to finish. Repeated listens are guaranteed.

Stream and download the album on iTunes HERE

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dynamic blues singer-songwriter Gina Sicilia new release "Tug of War"

Dynamic blues singer-songwriter Gina Sicilia creates a deeply soulful new album – the emotionally honest, smartly arranged Tug of War.

"Tug of War" celebrates Gina Sicilia’s status as one of the reigning voices in modern blues and marks a potent evolution in her songwriting. The 11-song set is Sicilia’s seventh release since her emergence as a doyenne of the genre a decade ago. Today, Sicilia’s experience and the fully realized powers of her warm, flexible, emotionally nuanced singing resonate like never before. Produced by Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt and Grammy nominated producer Dave Darling.

Tug of War’s title alludes to the complexities of life, which ring throughout this album’s original tracks, mostly written by Sicilia. And it speaks of her own experiences. “I’ve been through a lot in the past three years,” she relates. “I suffered through a painful and dramatic event in my life and needed to start over, so I moved to Nashville—where I didn’t know anybody, and went into a period of really challenging myself as a songwriter.” Although Sicilia had planned a career in journalism, her natural gifts made music a stronger draw. While she was still in college, her 2007 debut, Allow Me to Confess, was released. After that, things happened fast. She was signed by one of the nation’s premier roots music booking agencies just one week later and began to tour the globe, play major festivals and rise up the blues charts. The album garnered her first Blues Music Award nomination, for Best Debut Artist.

Since then Sicilia has remained in the upper echelon of female blues vocalists, regularly releasing albums that earn accolades and ride the charts, and playing 150 dates each year. Asked about her passion for making music and her tireless pace, Sicilia replies: “Working— writing songs, touring, recording—motivates me. That keeps me inspired and focused. I’ve learned that hard work and experience are what it takes to grow and become a better artist. And I see myself as always evolving, reaching for a kind of perfection within the music I love to make. I’m not sure I’ll ever find it, but I’ll never stop searching.”

Album is out now on Blue Elan Records

Official website:

Marty's review: Gina Sicilia's many talents all come through on this latest release. With a powerful, soulful vocal style, songwriting skills that are honest and from deep within and a slick production that all come together to make this an outstanding release. 11 amazing tracks, 8 self-penned, plus covers of "He Called Me Baby' (Harlan Howard), "Tell Him" (Bert Berns) and the Lennon-McCartney classic "All My Loving".

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Americana/Alt-Country band Some Hollow new EP release "Green"

Burlington,Vermont trio Some Hollow have released their debut EP, Green. The band is about a year old and have recently transitioned from a duo to a trio. While the album reflects the band as a duo, there are 2 tracks (Via Champlain and Don't Call Me Baby) that feature the pedal steel work from their 3rd member, Aidan Lenihan.

Some Hollow is: 
Jason Lee - vocals, guitar, harmonica 
Aidan Lenihan - pedal steel guitar 
Josh Morse - drums, vocals

The bands sound is roots based Americana/Alt-Country utilising harmonica, guitar, pedal steel and drums. The EP sounds fresh and unique with outstanding vocal work and songwriting skills that certainly highlight the fine talents of these artists.

Stream and download the EP on Bandcamp HERE